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Research and development

The product portfolio is continuously broadening with new generic products developed by the company, take over of licenses and know-how-s. Our experienced team at the department of regulatory affairs and development assisted the extensive development.

These days we not only aim to increase the number of the products but also to gain experience and knowledge in the most current scientific areas. The complete development of an innovative original medicinal product – due to its expenses and time consuming nature – can not be carried out without cooperation.

PannonPharma Ltd. is member of several pharmaceutical research and development associations.

Biotechnological Innovativ Base
PannonPharma Ltd. is member of the Biotechnológiai Innovációs Bázisnak, (Biotechnological Innovative Base) operating in the South Transdanubian region of Hungary.

Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI)

The European Union found the organization IMI to fight the decreased competitiveness – most prominent in the field of research and development - of the European pharmaceutical Industry. IMI has 43 registered members, the divers of them are the greatest European pharmaceutical manufacturers. The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry Association and its member organizations created a task force in cooperation with the IMI to reveal the factors preventing the European pharmaceutical industry from regaining its world leading position in the area of research and development. As a conclusion the task force named four areas, that need urgent intervention to increase the competitiveness of the research and development achievements of the European pharmaceutical industry. The most important operation is to increase the capacity of testing new molecules in the aspect of safety and effectiveness. Knowledge management and knowledge bases are also important issues, to provide access to the most recent results of the industry for the research organizations. Finally, the newel and up-to date scientific technologies and method should be implemented in the training.

Joining the EU’s IMI inchoation the National Office for Research and technology (NKTH) announced a calling for tender to facilitate formation of Nemzeti Technológiai Platformok (National Technological Platforms). The Hungarian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association gained grant with its Project for Formation of Innovative Platform. During the realization of the project - by the end of March 2009 - five meetings will be organized to discuss bottlenecks of the pharmaceutical development.

Medipolisz South Transdanubian Regional Knowledge Centre (RET)

University of Pécs and its seven industrial partners in 2006 begot South Transdanubian Redional Knowledge Centre (RET). The aim of the Knowledge Centre was to establish a R&D centre and economic pole to concentrate the means of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing in order to promote the registration of patent rights and fast and easy utilization of scientific results, thus empowering the leading position of the region. The project ended on 31. d ecember 2008.

PannonPharma in the RET

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