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Diapulmon Dio-PP


To date the Company holds Manufacturer’s authorization for non-sterile pharmeceutical products of solid dosage forms. The manufacturing operations take place in the manufacturing site, where the following dosage forms are prepared:

  • Tablets
  • Hard capsule
  • Powders
  • Granules

Recently a coating facility was set, making it possible to manufacture coated and film coated tablets in the same facility.

The continuous expansion and development of the industrial plant is aimed to increase the manufacturing capacity of the site, and to bring home the products, that are currently contract manufactured.

The continuous developmental work takes place in the experimental development plant. The plant is suitable for production of investigational medicinal products, and for the exploration and elimination of technological problems rising on take over of new products or everyday operation.

The investment aiming to establish a sterile product plant is proceeding. In the new facility the manufacturing of eye drops and eye ointments will take place principally.

Further investments are made in order to set up a new unit for the production of semi-solid and soft dosage forms. As a result the manufacturing of ointments, creams and gels will take place.

Updated: 2009.Mar.03 18:23:31