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About Us

Pécsvárad is a beautiful town located in the Southwestern region of Hungary. Zengő (the highest peak of the Mecsek mountain) characterizes the landscape and the climate. The monuments and art relics of the town are testimonies of the honored history of the religious center, founded by the first king of Hungary. The Benedictine monastery located in the fortress Pécsvárad continues to serve as a sacred place of healing and pharmacy. The deed of foundation, dated in 1015, is the first in the written history of Hungarian people that mentions that the founder king Saint Stephen ordered the monastery to provide servants to fulfill the nursing needs of the ill, herb garden with gardeners and therapists for the hydrophatic establishments.

In this supporting environment found the place to be based the Pannonpharma pharmaceutical company. In the late 90’s the small laboratory situated in Pécs was exchanged for the factory in Pécsvárad, which today plays a central role in the everyday life of the town, and provides high quality medicines for the Hungarian people.

PannonPharma Ltd. manufactures pharmaceutical products (including contract manufacturing), since 1995 and provides pharmaceutical analysis, develops analytical methods, pharmaceutical research and development (R&D). Pharmaceutical quality development is also an important field of our pursuit.

As a laurel for Pécsvárad’s legacy of pharmacy our company epitomizes its work in its shibboleth: „Tradition, Quality! Despite the taut economic and market situation Pannonpharma abided to be an enterprise exclusively owned by Hungarian capital. Quality became the guiding principle of both manufacturing and developing of medicines.

By buying and upgrading licenses became a characteristic, medium sized participant of the honored Hungarian pharmaceutical industry. The respective development of generic products brought professional recognition for the developing company.

The first respective generic product introduced to the market was a fever and pain reliever antinflammatory medicine named Panalgorin®. The product portfolio of PannonPharma Ldt. now counts more then seventy products, including tablets, capsules, granules, solutions, sterile solutions, ointments and injections.

Among the most marketed and know products Panalgorin® tablet Chinotal® coated tablet, Chinopamil® capsule, Metothyrin® tablet, Phlogosol® solution, a Phlogosam® ointment and foam,  a Diphedan® 100 mg tablet and Septosyl® eye ointment should be mentioned.

PannonPharma Ltd. is committed to develop, manufacture and market medicines treating the re-emerging disease, tuberculosis (Isonicid®, Rifazid®, Rifamed®, Pyrazinamid).

The manufacturing site was built in 2000, and is continuously developed. Besides the tablet manufacturing unit a new ointment and aseptic product manufacturing unit will be developed. The establishment of new research and development laboratories is part of our plans.

Gyógynövénykutató Intézet Kft. Since 2008 – continuing to operate under its original name – belongs to the Pannonpharma group of companies, ensuring that the unique institute - that was the first to be found in the world – base of the respected Hungarian medicinal plant research can go on.

The company is involved in the following activities:

A PannonPharma Ltd. is member of the Hungarian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (MAGYOSZ).


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