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Novascabin® external emulsion


70 g

dimethyl phthalate, benzyl benzoate

The active substances in Novascabin emulsion are antiparasitic agents that make the medicine suitable for the external treatment of scabies infection.

Shake well before use! Adults and adolescents: After a bath of soapy warm water, the whole body, except the head and neck, should be rubbed thoroughly with half the amount of the medicine. Particular care should be taken in places where the symptoms of scabies are visible, as well as where the scabies is most commonly found: between the fingers, body bends, wrists, armpits, breasts. After 30 minutes, rub with the other half of the medicine, without bathing. After 12-14 hours, you should take a warm soapy bath again and change your underwear, full clothes, bed linen and towels. Thorough cleaning or disinfection of bed linen, towels and clothing - by washing with hot water, ironing - is very important. Children: the product can also be used in case of children and infants. The treatment is the same as for adults, but the full amount of the medicine should not be used, only as much as the whole body surface of the child can be rubbed thoroughly and evenly. What to do next: cut the nails short until the infection disappears and always clean them thoroughly with a nail brush. - Change the clothes, bed linen and towels daily for 14 days and wash them at 60 ° C, ironing them on both sides with a hot iron. Store non-washable items in a closed plastic bag for a few days. Thoroughly vacuum carpets and upholstered furniture.

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