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Phlogosam® ointment


20 g

sodium samarium disulfosalicylate

The active ingredient in Phlogosam ointment is a non-steroidal, topical anti-inflammatory, skin regenerating substance. It reduces the edematous infiltration and swelling of damaged skin surfaces and prevents the inflammation. The product is suitable for the treatment of certain forms of acute dermatitis, eczema, minor, non-severe burns, sunburn, insect bites, inflammation of the skin in bends (protrusion) and as an adjunct to therapy for superficial varicose veins.

The area of the skin lesion should be lightly applied 2-3 times a day with the ointment. The ointment should not come into contact with the eyes, skin around the eyes or mucous membranes. After using the ointment, do not screw the cap back on the tube, as this may lead to the cap cracking or breaking in half.

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