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Phlogosol® Salvia mouthwash concentrate and brush


30 ml

Medical sage

Contains anti-inflammatory medical sage extract. It can be used for oral care in case of gingivitis and oral mucosal problems due to inflammation of the gums and mouth, aphthae, gingival atrophy, periodontosis, dentures or braces. Ensures proper oral hygiene, prevents bad breath. PHLOGOSOL® Salvia Mouthwash Concentrate and Brush contains Medicinal Sage leaf (Salvia officinalis) extract. With regular use of a mouthwash, proper oral hygiene can be easily maintained, and gingivitis, oral mucositis, gingival atrophy, periodontitis, and bad breath can be prevented. As a brush, it can be used directly in concentrated form for aphthous, gingival or oral mucosal problems caused by dentures or braces.

For mouthwashes, adults and children over 12 years of age should mix 1-2 coffee spoons (5-10ml) of mouthwash concentrate in 1 glass of water (approx. 1dl), then rinse intensively several times a day with the prepared solution.

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