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Plastubol-PP® spray

medical device

125 g

methylmetacrylat-butylacrylat-butylmetacrylat, diisooctylium phthalicum

A plastic wound dressing. Sprayed onto the wound surface, forms a transparent film after evaporation of the solvent, protecting the wound (skin) from various external influences and infections. It has not any anti-infective effect on the wounds and the surface of the skin and it does not inhibit the growth of bacteria under the film layer, therefore aseptic or anti-septic wound care should be provided.

The surface to be coated should be sprayed for 1-2 seconds from a distance of 25 to 30 cm from the wound surface to be covered. The skin surface should be cleaned and wiped dry before applying the film. After evaporation of the solvent (about 30 seconds), a dry, transparent film forms on the body surface. A film of sufficient thickness is obtained if the spraying is repeated 2-4 times. The coating extends beyond the wound edges by 2-3 fingers in all directions. If a crack appears in the film, the film (by applying another layer) can be supplemented, "patched". If blood, whey or whey exiting the burn wound surface lifts the film, it is advisable to remove the blister that has formed and close the opening by applying another layer. The film layer can be washed with ethyl acetate or removed by gently pulling the film. To prevent clogging of the valve, use the bottle with the nozzle down after use and in this position the nozzle must be held down until spray escapes through the valve.

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