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The scope of activities of our company covers the fields of pharmaceutical manufacturing (GMP), warehousing, sales, scientific and technical research and development, engineering, consulting, technical testing and analysis.

At our Pécsvárad site, we produce and package solid pharmaceutical forms: tablets, film-coated tablets, hard gelatin capsules, controlled-release tablets, film-coated tablets, granules and powder mixtures.

Our batch sizes can vary widely: we can produce products in batch sizes from 10 kg to 300 kg on request.

Our Solid Pharmaceutical Form Plant currently produces about 28-30 million tablets and nearly 2 million boxes of packaged finished products per year. We are constantly working to increase our capacity and product structure by purchasing and installing more powerful, modern equipment.
Granulation technologies we use are direct tableting, wet granulation with aqueous and solvent-based binders, and fluid granulation. For tableting we use rotary tableting machines with EU-B and EU-D standard tools.
Our coating technologies covers film coating with water-based coating materials, and sugar coating on a small batch size.
Our packaging possibilities are: packaging of granules in individual sachets, blistering, reporting in vials, bottles, labeling, cartoning, batch numbering, placement of security features on packaging units.

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