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Dio-PP® 600 mg tablets


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Wheat starch free / Benzoate free / Gluten free / Paleo / No added sugar / Lactose free

Dio-PP 600 mg tablets are a venous stabilizer with a vein-strengthening and protective effect. To relieve symptoms associated with chronic venous insufficiency of the lower extremities such as tension, heaviness in the legs, pain, nocturnal leg cramps. It is suitable for the treatment of hemorrhagic disease in the event of a sudden flare-up of hemorrhagic complaints (acute hemorrhagic attack).

Recommended dose for adults: In chronic venous insufficiency of the lower extremities: 1 tablet daily in the morning before meals. In case of an acute hemorrhagic attack: 3 tablets a day for 4 days, then 2 tablets a day for a further three days, with food. In case of an acute hemorrhagic attack, if symptoms do not improve with short-term treatment, seek medical advice. In the case of venous disease, the most beneficial effect is ensured with a proper lifestyle. Sunbathing, standing for a long time, being overweight should be avoided. Walking and proper compression stockings can improve circulation.

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