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Ebrimycin® gel


10 g

primicin, lidocaine

Ebrimycin gel contains two active substances. Primicin is an antibiotic, lidocaine is a local anesthetic. The pharmaceutical composition can be used for the prevention and treatment of bacterial skin infections due to the effects of the above ingredients. To prevent bacterial infection: - fresh, small-scale superficial lesions (abrasions), - first- and second-degree, small-scale, superficial burns. For the topical treatment of infections caused by primicin-susceptible pathogens: - infected small superficial lesions: abrasions, first and second degree burns; - area around surgical wounds; - superficial and deep pus such as folliculitis, acne, ringworm (impetigo), ulcerative purulent dermatitis (ecthyma), boiling (furuncle), purulent nail bed inflammation (panaritium).

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