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Egiferon® 50.000 NE/g gel


2 g


The active substance in Egiferon gel, interferon alfa, is produced by human white blood cells. It has antiviral, inhibitory effects on cell proliferation and affects the body's (immune) response to various infections. In herpes virus infections of the lips and genitals, it inhibits blistering, relieves itching, and relieves pain. It can also be used for the topical treatment of warts and warts caused by human papilloma virus infections.

Recommended dose: Always apply the product only to the affected skin area and at the prescribed daily density! The gel should be applied thinly to the affected skin area 4-5 times a day. Treatment should be started as soon as possible in the early stages of herpes, when you feel a tight, itchy feeling. For herpes of the lips and genitals, the duration of treatment is 3-5 days, exceptionally 6-10 days depending on the severity of the case. The duration of wart treatment is usually 6-12 weeks. If your skin complaints do not heal within the recommended treatment time, consult your doctor. After using the gel, the cap should not be screwed back firmly onto the tube, as this may lead to the cap cracking or breaking in half. If gel has gotten on the outside of the tube tube, wipe it off as it may cause the cap to stick.

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