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IRIX® spray, IRIX® Forte spray


75 ml, 150 ml

extract of the petals of Rosa x centifolia

IRIX® cooling, soothing, regenerating spray. IRIX® spray contains an extract of the petals of cultivated varieties of Rosa x centifolia, which cools, soothes and regenerates burned, painful or itchy skin surfaces.

After applying IRIX® spray, the affected surface will be painless for a short time and then for longer periods after repeated treatments. Spraying can be repeated as many times as possible, even every minute, as many times as the unpleasant, painful feeling returns. The cooling effect can be enhanced by increasing the evaporation of the spray from the epithelial surface by blowing on it with a fan. Rapid evaporation also reduces the unpleasant sensation of insect bites.

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