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Who we are

PannonPharma Pharmaceutical Ltd. is a recognized medium-sized player of the Hungarian pharmaceutical industry. Since its foundation in 1995, our company has been manufacturing pharmaceuticals and performing related pharmaceutical research and development, as well as pharmaceutical analytical, and quality development activities.

Our pharmaceutical factory is located in the beautiful small town of Pécsvárad, in southern Hungary. The town was a former royally founded ecclesiastical center, its castle - as a former Benedictine monastery - was a sacred place of Hungarian healing and pharmacy. Its founding letter mentions in 1015, that the founder, King St. Stephen, assigned to the monastery healing servants to care for the patients, gardeners for the care of herbs and bath masters to perform the therapies.

Faithful to the pharmaceutical roots of Pécsvárad, our company summarized his activity under the password "Tradition, quality!". Quality has become the guiding principle not only of the production of medicines, but also of our development activities. Despite the fierce market competition, PannonPharma remained a wholly Hungarian-owned company.

PannonPharma has become a recognized company of the Hungarian pharmaceutical industry by purchasing and further developing of licenses. Its first self-developed generic product was the anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic tablet containing the active ingredient metamizole. The product list of PannonPharma Kft. now includes more than seventy own products, which include tablets, capsules, granules, solutions, sterile solutions, ointments and injections.

Some of our well-known OTC products:

Egiferon® - gel for the treatment of herpes and warts, containing interferon alpha
Phlogosol® - antiseptic and anti-inflammatory solution, can be used by rinsing or brushing for aphthous, gingivitis, sore throat
Phlogosam® - anti-inflammatory, skin regenerating ointment for inflammatory diseases of the skin
Septosyl® - ointment for bacterial infections of the eye
Irix® és Naksol® spray - spray containing natural rose extract to relieve the unpleasant symptoms of burns, sunburn and insect bites
Miralgin®  - antipyretic and analgesic tablets containing paracetamol and caffeine, as active ingrediens
Melfen® 400 mg - antipyretic and analgesic film-coated tablets containing the active substance ibuprofen
Dio-PP® 600 mg - tablet containing the active substance of diosmin to relieve the symptoms of varicose veins, to treat acute hemorrhagic complaints
Conheal® 0,15 mg/ml eye drops, solution - a medicine containing sodium hyaluronate, which is recommended for the treatment of dry eye syndrome of any cause and for the prevention of complications
Taleum® nasal spray and eye drops - for the prevention and treatment of seasonal and chronic allergic complaints
Novascabin® external emulsion - for the external treatment of scabies infection

Our company has made a professional commitment to the development, production and distribution of anti-TB drugs as well.

The Herbal Research Institute Ltd. has been operating as a member of the PannonPharma group since 2008. The Institute has been the base of the unique, internationally recognized herbal research in Hungary, founded for the first time in the world. Read more

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